Ciao a Tutti

I am highly honored, as you came here to check my ‘About’ page. So kindly read about me with utmost ease, but I can assure you before only, that you are dealing with a credible modern business professional. XD

Let’s roll-in my intro…


About Me

Years of Experience
Awards & Honors

I have been more than 6+ years in digital marketing industry, and have added irresistible value to more than 200+ fortune entrepreneurs to grow their business.

Some of my fortune client tele-

My Experience

A.P.E.X. Predator – Intoxillectual – Deep Thinker – Rationalist – Life Lover – Modern Entrepreneur 

  • A medium level Marketing & Brand Communication Strategist/Mentor in Digital Media and Marketing functions with a growth oriented to successful business strategies where my strong business acumen, ability to enable smart, efficient & sustainable ROI to all the potential fortune businesses.
  •  Conducting Business brainstorming sessions and executing creative ideas for some hot brands, product launches, Ad campaigns, Business strategy making, Designs ideation & execution with effectively coordinating with designing team. etc.
  • Sales Enablement Sessions to accelerate the company’s growth by making marketing and sales go hand-in-hand as a cohesive synchronized medium under a Solid Business Umbrella.


Digital Marketing Intern

Planned, developed and executed engaging social media paid and organic campaigns by effectively
planning social media content strategy and designs that got talked about by the respective target audience, thus provided the desired result in terms of Social Media Awareness, Engagement, Participation & Revenue Standpoint.


Social Media Associate

  • Evergreen Content Marketing Mix.
  • Social Media Content and Creative Planning & Ideation.
  • Brand Communication brainstorming and Campaign Planning etc.


Team Lead

Heading a team of 20 Media Associates & fortunate enough to work and add value to several potential projects related to a diverse


Brand Communication Strategist/Mentor

  • Reporting to the company’s CEO, directly responsible for the functions of business
    strategic planning, social media content planning & curating, design and ad campaigns brainstorming and execution.
  • Building MVP models for various scalable start-ups, product launches & various programs, store openings etc.
  • Conducting several sessions to boost start-up planning and execution.

What People Say?

If you are still doubtful about my professional credibility, then I would request you to know what some of fortune clients have to say about me! 

Really Great Work from Shubham, I still remember how you helped me to formulate a remarkable business strategy for Pepsico, that even got appreciation from our main branch business head Mr. Gajanan Sapate. Keep up the good work! Cheers.
Shaun rebello(Africa)
Me and my husband Matthew own a special forum known as "" i.e. an Modern Italian Community Forum (Startup), from past 1 year we were really figuring out-
-How to differentiate our members in terms of adding value to our forum?
-How to make an engaging community?
I am still astonished, in just a week Shubham proposed an unorthodox strategy, that proved to be a perfect result-oriented framework for our startup.
Gina andrachio(Italy)
Shubham you are true multi-media mercenary! I would say just because of your fashion campaign planning, direction and ideation, my fashion event come out to be a great success.
Thanks a ton & as promised I will ensure you get the first ticket for all my upcoming events for free!
Cheers! Keep flowing your marketing flamboyance!
Maitri damania(Mumbai)
Shubham. It was great working with you on Mumbai Marathon Project, the whole strategy was so loved by our program atheletes as it was emanating the fitness freak gene within you. Thank you so much for such great efforts. Cheers! Stay Fit- Stay Strong!
Mayur mahajan