My First Book

My Book is a result of in-depth introspection of self being who is being exposed to the world of reality and world of digital limited by time and expanded by fantasy & desires. In the whole book, you will dive down deep into the journey of aligning a balance between these 2 worlds & know what’s the phycology behind longing more for something that can’t be felt in real.  By the end, you would be compelled to ask this question to yourself – “Isn’t Digital Addiction stopping ourselves to live our life in its true sense?”. At the end, its always “Regression to the Mean”.

Phycology Behind Writing This Book –

Being a 90s kid, I was fortunate enough to witness the digital evolution from a median period. I belong to that generation, where verbal communication was pre-dominant unlike today, where almost 60% of conversation happens via various medium of chats, like Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, Personal Message, Emails and other platform. So, I lived an era where face-to-face communication used to happen more often, as other than phone call all those important talks used to happen via physical conversation. As the Orkut came into existence, I witnessed the Digital evolution coming pre-dominantly as an escape world from the real world. That time, I wasn’t aware that its was just the beginning. As the years past, the Digital Evolution happened at such a faster rate, that the people got fully trapped into their digital devices (which were termed as Smart Phone). I also observed the digital activities of mine and the people around me, although ideally the phone was invented with the main purpose of calling, but with the Smart Phone, our time consumed on other digital activities dominates our phone calling activity. As the years past, I realized that the whole digital world has become a digital platform as a service, where the whole real world is its customers/users. For every activity, various apps started populating and acted as an instant mode of escapism from the real situations/atmosphere, that soon become such an addiction, where even after having our loved ones around us, we can’t resist to keep checking our smart phone in a compulsive manner. That’s where I realized, that how Digital started hindering our inter-personal relations and also switching off our wokeness of living our life in its true sense. Of course, Digital Evolution was done, with an intention to make our life easy and more accessible to people and services, and it actually did to much greater extent, but as I mentioned on the other side, it has made us almost completely detached from our real world and reality,  fully engrossed into our smart phone and other digital devices, where we are occupied with various apps, where the content and data has no limit, and due to this continuous consumption of digital content, our mental state gets drastically induced with overthinking, anxiety, and complex mode of thinking, which keeps hindering our mind’s sanity. And thus, this overpopulation of data due to digital addiction acts as a curse for the well-being of the people and doesn’t allow them to live a peaceful and balanced life in its true sense.

Now comes the contradiction, in spite of belonging to the profession that revolves around ‘Digital’ I am having this realization getting digital addicted and getting exposed to its related adverse effects on my existential being. Thus, this deep introspection made me develop such a mind state, where most of the time, I won’t be influenced by the digital mess and only be focused working on my craft digitally, & have my quality fun time in to the real world with good interpersonal conversations with my peers and loved ones, thus pitch a right balance between real & digital world with utmost wokeness. So, this art of developing and making the existential being with a right balance between real & digital world with utmost wokeness is termed as Monk Sanity, and the person is known as “Digital Monk” & this in-depth introspective theory is the reason behind naming my Personal Brand as “ShubhamDigitalMonk”.!&f=Open+Sans-Bold&ts=26&tc=fff&hp=45&vp=20&c=11&bgt=unicolored&bgc=151ad7

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