Visual Blogging Conference 2.0

Do you often get intrigued to know the secret framework of marketing that always brings smart, sustainable, and desired results?

Do you want to know, what do the top marketers know that you don’t?

This exclusive Visual Blogging Conference is an insightful accumulation of business ideas by 2 multimedia mercenaries who will give answers to all such curious queries of yours and much more…

As nowadays, the visual content is generating the most impactful communication to the consumers and also keeping up their attention span, interns of taking actions, and brand recall.

“As visual influence human emotions, so visual content makes up 93% of all human communication”.

In order to make the effectiveness & experience of the blogging content as impactful as “Visual Content”, we pioneered a creative writing formula known as “Visual Blogging”, which deeply connects with a person’s imagination chord and compels it to resonate that exact imagination with such writing where a reader feels as if he/she is watching a visual.

Do you want to experience this type of blogging? If yes, then lets Rollin with the agenda of our “Visual Blogging Conference”, where our exclusive content is drowning on a barely floating boat, channelized by our Eminent Biz speakers on board –

The Phoenix Story –

That’s us above — Shubham and Deep — and we’re your not-so-professional visual blogging conference hosts. This idea came to us, while a Business Convocation Summit when my co-host Deep introduced a unique concept of Japanese Culture known as — “KINTSUGI”, which talks about the beauty of being imperfect yet resonate an impression of perfection. Deep aligns this philosophical concept quite well with the modern business framework, where he intends to make all his business communication utmost humanly with his target audience, but the way of communicating carries a subtle kind of imperfection as if he is addressing to his closest friend. My bad if it sounds a bit complex!

Hear it from the person himself, my co-host Deep onboard, over to you buddy…

Deep — Thanks! Shubham, I am deeply honored and intrigued to share my insights on “KINTSUGI” Philosophy, you know I firmly believe that we all humans are craving for an AHA communication to hit us on the daily basis at some point of time, we always tend to excrete dopamine from such valuable communication, although we generally have a habit of pseudo- communicating with the bunch of peers where context is the only unique differentiating asset. (chuckles). So the purpose of aligning the concept of “KINTSUGI” is to add such human flavor to our non-verbal mode of communication, that seems to be conveyed by an ordinary human not “Shashi Tharoor”. XD

Shubham — Ahan! You know that’s why I love imperfections because that’s what makes us human…

Back then we hardly knew anybody growing a location-independent business, especially one that had real physical products. It seemed to us that most of the websites and businesses weren’t run by people with compelling business experience or insights.

Deep — Oh yes, I still remember Shubham’s sarcastic remark at recent Business Convocation Summit at Midtown street, NY, his remark in his intrapreneurial dialect- “I feel deeply fascinated with the idea of Brand’s romcoms and exotic media mercenaries, but the trending evolution has made the difference in terms of people’s craft and attention span over the net, where they don’t write, instead they blog.

Shubham — So with that note, I think we have grabbed our avid readers / future innovators’ attention, and they must be having a gala time here, with an astonishing curiosity to know every secret about marketing and innovation. So, let’s kickstart our “Visual Blogging Conference”.

Outlining New Perspective for Marketing Fundamentals

Shubham — You know, in my earlier entrepreneurial days, while designing my first Minimal Viable Product (MVP), I understood very valuable thing, that Marketing goes by making a solid business foundation and position it by first aligning, fixing, and retrospecting our core priority initiatives with vision, mission, and objectives of our business. At the end of the day, all businesses are trying to position their product and aspired to escape the rat race, by being top of their game, but unfortunately very few make it happen, as most of them are really missing out on the deep correlation between their product and their ideal consumers. I would like to know your insights on this, Deep.

Deep — Bang on! Shubham, I think it’s all about reverse business mapping, where the fundamentals of marketing urge us to align our marketing efforts from our consumers to our product and core priority initiatives because if our marketing initiatives is not solving the problems of our customers or not adding value to them, all our marketing efforts don’t actually make sense. And this what the marketing fundamentals all about, before we go outside, let’s go inside…

Shubham — Great Insight Deep!, I think our visual readers will surely going to love this unique perspective where you smartly aligned the marketing fundamentals concept with meditation, its quit out of the box thinking. I would like to add by saying — “In order to make solid marketing fundamentals, reaching back for those personality traits and identifying our core values, can make all the difference! Though making these decisions about our brand may seem trivial they shape our entire branding and marketing communication along with the public perception of our brand.”

Deep — To break it down further — Every business owner must meditate for his/her brand! I think Shubham, you will agree with me that, it is extremely important to do some soul searching and understand your brand before your products even hit the market. We ask brands to take a step back. Our mantra is — STOP. INTROSPECT. ANALYZE. ACT.

Shubham — You are absolutely right Deep, On that note, let me share a biz truth bomb with all our avid visual blogging readers –

“With millions, if not billions, of businesses trying to make a name for themselves, having a strong brand identity has become crucial for any business to survive. When businesses think about how consumers gain awareness about their brand, the general notion tends to be “we need to be everywhere” and hopefully something will stick. Businesses are looking to win the “Branding & Consumer-Centric” game, always.”

So Marketing Fundamentals becomes all about driving profitable customer actions with the help of a well crafted “Marketing Mix Model”.

Shubham- Although there are many variations of the Marketing Mix Model into existence, the Boom & Bitner Model remains the most popular to this day.

So, as leading business innovation professionals, we both think if we take care of all those things mentioned above, any marketer will be able to flourish a S.M.A.R.T. Remarkable and Result-driven Marketing Fundamentals, that adds value to his/her customers at every stage of their marketing journey, thus will be able to drive profitable actions from them. But catering all the initial efforts on identifying, creating & developing product and digital assets is a mandatory practice for all the modern marketers who wants guranteed business success.

Deep- Thanks for such valuable insights Shubham, and I am damn sure these will surely help our avid readers/ intrapreneurs to build a stronger marketing foundation with a unique perspective. Now with a warm gesture to your marketing intellect, I would like not to hinder the interesting seamless flow of our biz conversation ahead to the next sweet spots of our Visual Blogging Conference Agenda.

Shubham — Ahan! That makes me remember a quite valuable conversation I have had with my elder cousin, Mr. Ankur Verma, who is the CEO of an Outdoor Marketing Firm, Vibrant Media. Being an elite player in Outdoor Advertising for the past 15 years or so, he was modest enough to give me the privilege to attend one of his Outdoor Marketing Convention, where he talked about the existential reality of Digital as well as Outdoor Marketing. These were his words –

As every customer seeks to get holistic 360 degree kind of value and experience from our business/ brand , both Outdoor as well as Digital Marketing will be needed to add the desired kind of irresistible value to our ideal customers. But of course the brand that is able to formulate a perfect mix (%) of both these marketing domains, he will surely become an “Elite Marketing Millennial.

Deep- Even after belonging to the Japanese Entertainment and Business Industry for quit some years, these insights of your brother, really proved me so valuable and induced an AHA moment to my intoxillectual senses. XD.

Shubham- Thanks to Deep, As almost 80% of our influential biz articles’ reader’s community belongs to the Digital Marketing Entrepreneurs, they must be aware of the basic difference between the two, so let’s enlighten them with some interesting statistics so that they can take better decisions in distributing their marketing efforts (%) around Traditional vs Digital. (Smart gaze)

Keeping the current growth of digital marketing in mind, particularly in the U.S., it won’t be long before digital ad spend takes over traditional advertising such as television ads. As of today, 60% of marketers across various industries have already shifted their efforts towards digital marketing.

Here are some more stats to help you understand the growth and prominence of digital marketing…

  • More than 80% of shoppers/buyers do their research online before investing in a product/service.
  • Almost 60% of U.S. adults use Facebook on a regular basis.
  • 94% of B2B marketers are actively using LinkedIn for marketing.
  • Mobile will be accounting for over 70% of digital ad spend by 2019.
  • 90% B2C businesses report social media as being the most effective content marketing tactic.

Deep- But Shubham, after getting these insights our visual blogging conference readers must be having a genuine query as in-

  1. Where to invest more?
  2. How to plan both the marketing budgets?
  3. What can be the best kind of marketing mix 3608 initiative? etc

Shubham- Indeed! I must say Deep, that you are definitely able to read clearly what actually is going in the mind of our community? (Chuckles).

Wait, let me help them to get through this in a smart way…

Setting a marketing budget is one thing, but making sure you get a good return on your investment is something else. This is why it makes sense to focus only on those marketing channels and methods that are more likely to give you the best bang for your buck.

Given the advancement in technology, there is no denying the fact that digital marketing can help a business generate qualified leads/sales without putting a dent in the wallet. The risk is definitely smaller with Digital Marketing when compared to traditional marketing, where Digital Marketing provides with smart cost-effective measurable up scalable results.

Deep- Bang on! Shubham, I would like to add to this by enhancing the beauty of Outdoor marketing as well, that if done in a creative way has an enormous power to enhance any business branding and PTAT rate including social media sensational/ viral buzz by 10x.

So as rightly said by your brother, both Digital & Traditional Marketing have their own value-added existence and purpose with a smart marketing mix, done in a creative manner with a minimalistic and accurate business model.

Shubham- Yup! Any business model becomes accurate with clear un-corrupted clean data, the more clear the data, the more accurate a business will become generating the desired results at low cost, and that’s only known as “Optimization”, for this only we all marketers crave for! XD

Deep- Absolutely true insights Shubham, before making this Virtual Blogging Conference more interesting, we should ask our readers some questions, to rise up their attention span and make them feel, that we intend to do a insightful conversation and add value to them, also our agenda was never plotted to give them “Monday Blues”. (Chuckles with funny tone).

Shubham- Sounds like a plan! Deep.

So, I would like to ask these valid questions to our readers community-

  1. Do you believe, in terms of any kind of marketing practice, communication is the most vital and important trait of any successful business/startup?
  2. Are you aware, in this digital business era you are termed to outdated if you are not plotting your business promotion strategy as per the latest content trends?
  3. Do you know, the type of content and its whole formulation has undergone great evolution from the era it began?

The answer to all these questions is a BIG YES! & we both are damn sure that all of you must have guessed it rightly! XD.


Yes that’s the answer, that first came to your mind, i.e. “Content”- The Unbeatable King of Marketing, which was first aptly guessed by Bill Gates, in January 1996, he wrote the following essay titled “Content is King”, which was published on the Microsoft website.

So Content makes a solid foundation of core priority initiatives of any business practices, offline its visually appealing catchy creative content on the outdoor billboards, where most the creative businesses hits the bull’s eye with such content that catches wanderer’s eyes and embarks a lasting remembers on them, well-aligned with an initiative for strong brand recall.

Here are some examples of online and offline creatives, that proves that Content can turn the whole table around if portrayed with minimalism and creativity. XD —

Firstly, let’s see the creative wonders of Outdoor Advertising —

These will make you STOP ON YOUR WAY & NOTICE!

Astonished? There is more….

As per us, the ideology behind Kolestan’s creativity is a masterstroke!

Now, let’s dive into some talked about trendy online creatives-

Ad Creatives Credit- Kolestan Naturals, Amul, Tata, Samsung & Social Samosa.

Deep- Mind-blowing! Creatives Shubham, so as per these above contexts we all can very well understand, how content proves to be a solid catalyst that drives any brand’s marketing efforts and makes a clear path for our customers, where content adds value at each stage of our customer’s buying journey.

Shubham- Very truly said, Deep! Especially in digital, customers do not buy products, they buy an idea in the form of “Content” that can solve one of their problems. XD #jobtheory.

Deep- Shubham, Since initially, I have had a deep inclination towards engineering innovation, So I often wonder, If there can be a way in which we can overall determine the overall effectiveness of our marketing content?

Shubham- Eureka! Deep, that makes me remember a unique concept known as “C.A.T.T. Marketing Funnel”, which was proposed by my Mentor Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju.

Here, we formulated our niche with the power symbol (^), so as to clearly define that the overall effectiveness of our content has the power to get multiplied n number of times with our marketing efforts, if we choose a right niche that completely aligns with our product/services etc.

Deep, you know that’s what makes any business wealthy, where our consumers believes and trusts in our business idea and offerings, and they feel they are having a deal with a person not the brand.

Deep- Well Said, Shubham! That makes me remember of Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle Model, where he talks about differentiating a brand’s value proposition, that really helps any marketer to make his/her business completely standpoint from the similar competitors.

Sinek explains that ‘Why’ is probably the most important message that any brand/business or individual can communicate as this is what inspires others to action. ‘Start With Why’ is how you explain your purpose and the reason you exist and behave as you do.

The brand’s ‘How’ factors might include their strengths or values that they feel differentiate themselves from the competition i.e. Unique Value Propositions.

It fairly becomes easy for any brand or organization to articulate ‘What’ they do? if they have thoroughly formulated- aligned- compared & retrospected their core priority initiatives as a business and how they would like to be known and remembered in the market place by their customers. XD

Shubham- Damn interesting model, Deep! I believe it will really help our avid readers (future digital entrepreneurs), to clearly define their niche & thus implement the C.A.T.T. Marketing Framework for their business wealth and success.

Deep- Indeed! I firmly believe so far we must be able to add value to our reading community, and maintained a streamlined flow of our biz conversation.

Shubham, do you remember earlier you talked about a holistic kind of 360-degree marketing efforts when we were having a discussion on Tradition Vs Digital Marketing? So with that reference, just now an interesting concept hit my head known as “Integrated Marketing”.

Shubham- Yup! Bring it on Deep.

Deep- So when we align our marketing efforts by using its different channels and mediums together like a giant interconnected S.M.A.R.T. Machine, where at each stage of our customer’s journey we will make use of a specific medium from a giant interconnected framework, and thus add a suitable engagement magnet (something that is highly valuable to our customers at that stage of their buying journey).

Deep- Indeed! I firmly believe so far we must be able to add value to our reading community, and maintained a streamlined flow of our biz conversation.

Shubham, do you remember earlier you talked about a holistic kind of 360-degree marketing efforts when we were having a discussion on Tradition Vs Digital Marketing? So with that reference, just now an interesting concept hit my head known as “Integrated Marketing”.

Shubham- Yup! Bring it on Deep.

Deep- So when we align our marketing efforts by using its different channels and mediums together like a giant interconnected S.M.A.R.T. Machine, where at each stage of our customer’s journey we will make use of a specific medium from a giant interconnected framework, and thus add a suitable engagement magnet (something that is highly valuable to our customers at that stage of their buying journey).

Let me illustrate some common mistakes that people do when they don’t follow integrated marketing framework-

  1. People only promoted content on various channels, nothing happens.
  2. People just do SEO and Social Media but then also they are not able to make sales.
  3. People run Google & Paid ads, and doesn’t end up making Sale.

So, when a brand tries to practice the marketing, by using specific mediums separately, they tend to not get the results…

Integrated Digital Marketing Mechanism Flow Illustration-

Instead, marketers can use Paid Advertising Content (for eg blog) for grabbing Attention of our website traffic rather than directly asking to buy the product/services, and further, ask the audience to subscribe to their Newsletters, and further nurture them through Email as a medium for all the latest articles/updates. From the Email people will come back to my latest content, then the marketers can list these content on the search engines, and then some of our audience might come to our site through a search, but now the contents we have, will send signals to the search engines and bring our audience back to our website again. Further with the help of Social Media, we can share our site’s content and bring more users to our website further these users might also share our content across social media, thus it works as a chain like a mechanism. XD.

In this interconnected framework, Paid Advertising (primarily Google & Facebook) boosts the entire momentum of Content, Email Marketing, Social Media & SEO. Since the entire momentum is boosted, a strong valuable customer’s trust is developed at every stage of their buying journey with the Brand/Business, which is deeply linked with C.A.T.T. Marketing Funnel.

Thus by aligning different mediums/channels together, as a framework provides the desired measurable results and acts an engine that drives the C.A.T.T. Marketing Funnel, that is a “Business Wealth Generating Framework”.

Shubham- Thanks! Deep, to enlighten our esteemed community with such an insightful detailed illustration.

But do you believe?

In making the C.A.T.T. Marketing Funnel really operational (keeping the desired results into consideration), a business owner really need to develop his/her personal brand?

Shubham- Of course Deep, Personal Branding is the only pre-requisite asset before one starts to position his/her products in the market, as it builds a person’s credible portfolio that develops trustful and impeccable value giving bond with the customers at every stage of their buying journey. XD

As people want to hear from people, not from brands!

Deep- True! I firmly believe, if a person is able to develop a remarkable personal brand, he/she will be able to add value to his business and his customers from a 360-degree direction. So, the value circle goes hand-in-hand, which totally depends upon the time-to-time evolution of a Personal Brand. Once we make our personal brand, we get the power to influence others in their respective niches and thus get an authority to promote their products/digital assets/services through a collaboration as an “Influencer” through an “Official Influencer Program”.

Shubham- Bang on! Deep, that makes me remember of our struggle days, when we extensively focused on making our Personal Brand, because we always believed, in order to make people buy our product/service, our business’s Strengths must be perfectly aligned with the N.E.E.D.S (New Emergent and Existing Difficulties to be Solved) of our customers.

So Deep, I think it’s the right time to showcase our individual Personal Branding Templates with our biz influential community. XD

Deep- Yup, in this way they all will get a clear idea about- “How a personal branding portfolio is articulated?

Shubham- Sounds Good! Let’s Rollin with my Personal Branding Portfolio.

I hope you guys liked my portfolio, but you can also create a visual portfolio (video), as it always makes the deal with the clients, as it gives your Personal Branding Portfolio more attention and unique value proposition, and that’s how you out beat your contemporaries and become an A.P.E.X. (Accelerated Professional Excellence In X)(Victory).

Conclusory Wisdom Words by Shubham & Deep-

All those passionate people who reached here, we have a bonus tip for you all.


Firstly we would like to owe a sincere thanks! to you all for keeping such great patience in reading and attending our Special “Visual Blogging Conference” & we hope that our industry knowledge and experience must have made a strong business foundation wrt to your niche. XD

Here is the Bonus Biz Tip

In order to become a successful unbeatable marketer like “Deepak Kanakaraju”, we need to own the game of “Conversational Marketing Approach”.

Sounds intimidating, right? Don’t worry; it’s not as complicated as you think.

While the technology we use to communicate has changed, the core elements of communication have stayed the same. People always have and always will expect conversations to be helpful, personal, and empathetic. The only difference now is we have the technology to have those conversations at scale.

Conversations must be scalable- All conversations need to be scalable. A customer doesn’t care if you’re talking with 50, 500, or 5,000 other people — they only care about the issue they need to be solved.

Conversations must have context- Conversations can’t exist in a vacuum; they need context and should get smarter as you collect more information. This is important for two reasons. First, it’s what customers expect. Think about it: If you called a company yesterday to report a defect in something you ordered, and then you chat with them the next day about needing return instructions, you’d expect the person you’re talking with to have access to previous interactions and know which product you’re sending back.

Conversations must meet customers where they are- Inbound Marketing is about providing value to your audience and meeting them where they are. Conversational marketing is just a part of that now — And that means conversations should happen on the channel that best suits your customer — that might be over the phone or on Facebook Messenger, with a human or a bot. People don’t want to be forced to call a 1–800 number if they could easily send a quick chat message and grab a link to a knowledge base article.

So we hope, you will treasure & implement our bonus biz tip for your business/startup & we firmly believe that we got successful in adding value to the reading experience by our “Visual Blogging Conference”. XD

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” — Mark Twain.

If you like my article kindly leave your valuable comments, as it will let me improve my writing and motivate me to articulate more such articles.

Happy Marketing!


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